Becoming Disciples

The Becoming Disciples process is a helpful way of 'walking with' people as we explore the claims of Jesus Christ and begin the Christian life. We offer a general framework (the four phases and rites of passage) and lots of support.

What is the Becoming Disciples process?

Becoming Disciples is the nationally-recognized process which enables congregations and faith communities to introduce people to Jesus and the life of faith.

Inquiry - At your own pace, in a variety of settings - at Worship, meeting with the Minister, an Elder or a Group...

  • In an atmosphere of warm hospitality we encourage people to ask questions about life and faith. We help them deal with difficulties and misconceptions. It is focussed on people not some pre-conceived course curriculum.
Formation - Spiritual Growth Group and Worship Services
  • We then use the content and rhythm of the Christian year to journey with Jesus and grow towards Christian maturity. It is Scripture-based and helps people encounter God in their lives.

Candidacy - Preparing for the Public Affirmation of Faith

  • People learn spiritual wisdom through worship. We also journey with Jesus as we grow in personal prayer and Bible reflection.
  • Twilight Testimony Group - For Adults seeking to make a public commitment of faith... Prior to the Twilight Worship time, Baptism and Confirmation Candidates and other interested friends will gather for Preparation for Baptism, Re-affirmation of Baptism/Confirmation, etc... This is a small group, conversational setting, where resources to help lay foundations for faith and discipleship will be explored and discussed. It is also suitable for people who have reached a stage in their faith journey where they would like to try to put into words something of a public testimony about their relationship with God.

Integration - Spiritual Growth Group

  • People discover their gifts and find their ministries.
  • Liturgical rites mark publicly the stages of deepening conversion.

The Becoming Disciples process is for:

  • Youth and adults seeking meaning and fullness in life.
  • People wanting to find out more about the Christian life.
  • People wanting to grow into all God means them to be.
  • People seeking baptism, confirmation or renewal of faith.
  • Parents bringing children for baptism.

What do participants do?

  • Experience warm hospitality and explore questions about the Christian life.
  • Hear the good news of Jesus Christ.
  • Participate in and reflect on worship.
  • Explore Christian beliefs – linking God?s story with their own story.
  • Have a companion who supports them one-to-one as they grow in faith.
  • Develop a personal devotional life.
  • Identify their gifts of ministry and begin to use those gifts.

There are a range of Pastoral Services that mark different stages of the life of a disciple.

A key way for people to learn more about the faith is to attend the Spiritual Growth Group and Seasonal Bible Study Groups.

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