Who Are We?

The Hamilton-Broadmeadow Uniting Church is a part of The Hunter Presbytery of the Uniting Church in Australia. In 1977, Methodist, Presbyterian and Congregational churches came together to form the Uniting Church in Australia - the first 'Aussie' church! The new church was guided by a document known as The Basis of Union. Since then, our communities have been blessed by people of many different backgrounds and traditions.

Seeking continuing union and relationship, we have received into community, people shaped by Catholic, Reformed, Anglican, Charismatic, Seeker, Brethren, Anabaptist/Baptist and Salvation Army heritages. We honour the learnings and experiences from our sisters and brothers and actively participate in the wider church (ecumenical movement) and in Inter-faith dialogue.

This is an open and inclusive community, which means that we try to provide a 'safe place' for people who might otherwise might be marginalized in Church communities. As such, we have people who are from a range of ethnic and cultural backgrounds and people of many different interests and orientations. We believe that all are made in the image of God and that God's love is available to all.


- Wesley-on-Beaumont

- Samoan Fellowship, 11am, Fourth Sunday of the month

- Pastor-in-Association (Matai) Tongia (Robert) Wilson


Church Council
Chairperson Carol Brookfield
Secretary Gail Isles
Treasurer and Finance Group
Sue Rigley
Rev Christine Sheppard
Broadmeadow Fellowship Deputy Chairperson
John Pooley
Wesley-on-Beaumont Chairperson
Philip Wrightson
Ross Berghofer
Community Engagement Di Mckenzie
Doug Hewitt

Pastoral Care
Carole Brookfield
Elders and Spiritual Oversight
Colin Doherty

Elders (Wesley):

  • Carole Brookfield
  • Pastor Tongia (Robert) Wilson
  • Fetoia Wilson
  • Dulcie Barret
  • Colin Doherty
  • Maureen Doherty
  • Charmaine McGrevy
  • Judy Gresham
  • Philip Wrightson
  • Michael Scowcroft
  • Leone Gotzy
  • Allan Vero

Pastoral Carers (Wesley): (additional to Elders)

  • Carole Brookfield
  • Dulcie Barrett

Lay Preachers

  • Pastor Tongia Wilson, Accredited Lay Preacher
  • David Whitson, Candidate

Supply Minister:

About the Uniting Church Logo...

For more information about how we understand ourselves, please look at our NCLS Profile. Our Profile number is B4LD22

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