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Inclusive Worship

The congregation of Hamilton-Broadmeadow is committed to bringing people of diverse experiences, cultures, orientations, politics, abilities and ages to worship together. While we recognize that our names for God and experiences of faith may be very different, we have faith that it is God who calls us to worship in community. As we pray to the God who knows us, yet is beyond our comprehension, worship becomes an act of common faith.

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Sunday Mornings @ Wesley-on-Beaumont 9.30am-10.40am

? 1st Sundays of the month Holy Communion (all are welcome at the Lord's Table)

? 2nd Sundays of the month Focus on Faith and Discipleship (Baptisms)

? 3rd Sundays of the month Focus on the World

? 4th Sundays of the month Focus on Families and Relationships

? 5th Sundays of the month Something different?

Holy Communion (also known as Eucharist or the Lord's Supper)

This Sacrament ('sacred time') takes place on the first Sunday in the month during the 9.30am service.

It is a time when we remember that Jesus of Nazareth broke bread and shared wine with his disciples, calling on them to remember his life, death and resurrection. In remembering the past, we also remember the promises of God about the future - that God invites us to follow a path that leads fulfillment.

In the Communion Service, the people of God gather and 'come into union' with one another and God, by sharing bread and wine and reselling the story of Jesus. The word Eucharist means Thanksgiving, and this service is a time of thanking God for life and hope.

Baptism (also known as Christening)

This Sacrament ('sacred time') takes place on the third Sunday in the month during the 9.30am service at Hamilton.

In the Baptism Service, we celebrate that the Candidate is 'named' (christening = being given a Christian name) as part of the community of God's people. The Congregation promises to provide for the nurture and nourishment of the newly baptized. The Candidate (or, in the case of an infant, their parents and/or Godparents or Sponsors) makes promises with God and the Congregation to follow Jesus in a life of faith. This is an important time for all the Baptized people of God to remember the significance of their own Baptism and welcome the newly Baptized (and their families) into the Congregation.

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