Blessing, Dedication and Thanksgiving (at the beginning of Life)

  1. The Uniting Church also has a Service of Thanksgiving for and Blessing of a Child. This is not to be confused with baptism, and may mark a stage on the way to baptism. This service combines thanksgiving for the birth or adoption of a child, the blessing of the child, and the self-dedication of the parent(s) to their task. It is appropriately used on the first occasion on which a child is present in the worshipping community, but it may be delayed, e.g. in order for family members to be present. Part or all of this service may be held in a home or hospital, at the discretion of the minister.

The service may be as follows...


NNN has been brought for blessing
that we might celebrate with joy and thanksgiving
the miracle of life and pray for his/her family.

Declaration of Intent

The minister says to the Parents:

In this act of worship, this congregation has gathered, in the presence of family and friends, before God, to pray for (Name of Child) and for you as family and to ask for God's blessings upon you.

That we may know of your intent to faithfully raise your child in a household of love and nurture, I ask you to respond to these questions:

Do you recognize that the care of your child,
(Name of Child), is a sacred responsibility of parenthood and will you commit yourselves to provide a safe and nurturing home for him/her until she/he is ready to make a home for herself/himself?

The parents respond:

We commit ourselves to our child.

The minister says:

Knowing that human relationships are imperfect, will you commit yourselves to developing parent-child relationships of trust, grace, forgiveness and understanding, to journey together as a family?

The parents respond:

We commit ourselves to being a family of nurture.

The minister says to the godparents:

Do you, the godparents of (Name of child), commit yourselves to supporting (Names of Parents) in their roles as parents and to this child as he/she lives and grows? Will you by word and action, participate in their lives, offering friendship, care and love?

The godparents respond:

We commit ourselves to supporting (Name of child) and his/her parents in their lives together.

The minister says to the congregation:
Do you, the members of the Wesley Uniting Church, promise to uphold the families in your midst and advocate for families in our wider community?

The congregation responds:

We commit ourselves to uphold and advocate for families and seek God's guidance in how we should best support families.


The Minister takes the child, asking her/his parents to state his/her name for all the world to hear, then blesses her/him.

Prayer of Thanksgiving and Presentation of Certificates

(1) Author of all Life,
We give thanks for the safe birth of healthy children.
We wonder at tiny hands and smiles and gurgles.
We delight in all the firsts that come
with a new being in the world
first breath, first bath, first sleep through the night
first steps, first words…

(2) Can it be that we once were babies?
When we look upon these little ones,
we wonder how we survived… and we give thanks
for those who nurtured and cared for us.

(3) May these new parents gently nurture
the precious lives in their care.
May they enjoy the growth of deep relationships.
May they give thanks every day for the gift of Life.

Blessing Song

Blessing Enquiry Form

* Full Name of Person to be Baptised/Blessed
* Gender
* Person to be Baptised/Blessed (date of birth and place of birth)
* Full Name of Mother and Maiden name (for children only)
* Full Name of Father (for children only)
Contact Phone Number
* Home Address
Preferred Date - 9.30am Sunday
Baptism or Blessing? Please choose the most appropriate for you... Your responses help us to tailor a service to suit...

Other Children (Name, Age, and, if applicable, where previously baptised)
* Full Name Of Godparents

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