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In the present discussion about sexuality in the Uniting Church in Australia, some ask what the church believes about marriage. In every marriage service the meaning of marriage is declared by the Minister.
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Preparation for Marriage

Marriage Celebrants, be they religious or civil, are obliged both ethically and by law, to ensure that any couple entering into marriage understands the serious and solemn nature of the commitment they are making.

At Wesley, preparation for Marriage usually involves:
  • an initial meeting with the Minister (a kind of 'getting to know you')
  • undertaking a Pre-marriage preparation program, such as 'To Have and To Hold' (2 weekends) or 'Prepare-Enrich' (3-4 face-to-face meetings and online questionnaire plus homework)
  • a meeting to prepare the service
  • a rehearsal of the ceremony

The Marriage Service

The Christian celebration of marriage is an act of worship, an expression of the church? offering of the whole of life to God. It is a pastoral occasion in which the community of faith shares in the joy of bridegroom and bride. It is an evangelical occasion in which those who have come to witness the marriage may be challenged by the implications of the Christian faith. (Uniting in Worship 2, p.353). Hymns, songs and music should be chosen to express praise and thanksgiving to God, and to celebrate God?s love for us, our love for God, our love for one another, or the love of husband and wife. (p.355)

At the commencement of the marriage service, after the greeting and prayer, the church?s understanding of marriage is declared in a brief summary, and is addressed not only to the bridegroom and bride but also to all who are present to witness their marriage.

Declaration of Purpose (from the Uniting Church Rite of Marriage)

Marriage is a gift of God and a means of grace.

In the life-long union of marriage we can know the joy of God, in whose image we are made, male and female. Marriage is founded in God?s loving nature, and in the covenant of love made with us in Christ.
Husband and wife, in giving themselves to each other in love, reflect the love of Christ for his Church.

In Christian marriage, wife and husband are called to live together faithfully, and to love each other with respect, tenderness and delight. The companionship and comfort of marriage enables the full expression of physical love between husband and wife. They share the life of a home, and may be entrusted with the gift and care of children. They help to shape a society in which human dignity and happiness may flourish and abound.

Marriage is a way of life that all people should honour; it is not to be entered into lightly or selfishly, but responsibly and in the love of God.

N and N are now to begin this way of life that God has created and Christ has blessed. Therefore, on this their wedding day, we pray that they may fulfil God?s purpose for the whole of their lives.

This Declaration is general: it refers to the Church?s understanding of all marriage

The Assembly of the Uniting Church in Australia declares that...

1. Marriage

Marriage for Christians is the freely given consent and commitment
in public and before God of a man and a woman to live together for life.

It is intended to be the mutually faithful lifelong union of a woman and man expressed in every part of their life together.

In marriage the man and the woman seek to encourage and enrich each other through love and companionship.

In the marriage service:

  • the woman and man make a public covenant with each other and with God, in the company of family and friends;
  • the couple affirm their trust in each other and in God;
  • the Church affirms the sanctity of marriage and nurtures those who pledge themselves to each other in marriage and calls upon all people to support, uphold and nurture those who pledge themselves to each other in marriage.

In their sexual union, husband and wife seek to express mutual delight, pleasure and tenderness, thus strengthening the union of their lives together.

In marriage, children may be born and are to be brought up in love and security, thus providing a firm foundation for society.

2. Separation, Divorce & Re-marriage

An inability to sustain the marriage relationship breaks the commitment to be together for life and may be painful for the couple, the children in their care, as well as for parents, friends and the Church community.

In cases of the irretrievable breakdown of marriage, the Church acknowledges that divorce may be the only creative and life giving direction to take.

The Church has a responsibility to:

  • help people where appropriate to grieve, repent, grow in self-understanding, receive affirmation, grace and forgiveness;
  • support them as they hear God?s call for new life.
  • care for people, including children, through the trauma of the ending of a marriage;
The grace and healing of God are available to people who are divorced, which may free them to marry again.? (Assembly minute 97.31.12)

Many members of the Uniting Church grieve that currently there are many people in our community who wish to enter into the serious covenant of marriage, but who are unable to do so legally. At this time, the Church is able to offer services of Blessing and Celebration of Relationship.

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