Lk 9. 28-36 How to Explain

I'm pretty sure I wouldn't be telling anybody either. Who would believe it?
How would you describe the appearance of Moses and Elijah?

"Oh by the way, Mum, I met Moses and Elijah today."

How would you describe the voice?
"Hello, darling, had a nice day?” "Oh we did a bit of climbing, walking, talking, heard the voice of the Almighty. Bit cloudy though."

How to comprehend the glistening shimmering whiteness of the spiritual glory unveiled so temporarily?
"Jesus had a lovely outfit on today, a bolt of lightning actually."

And how to explain what you did about it all? "Well, I was asleep through most of it."

What did I do next at the point of such outstanding revelation of the love and glory of God?
"I offered to help by setting up a building project.” Yes, it happens a lot, that one.

Thank you, Lord, that since the day of your resurrection, all this fits into place,
and we can now open our mouths in adoration and proclamation.

- from Tall Trees, Rev Dr Ian Robinson

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